In a financial world that separates stock and bond investments from both personal and investment real estate, Opes Advisors offers an innovative alternative that pulls together every aspect of your financial life in a way that no other company does. Opes Advisors stands alone as a firm that brings together wealth management, real estate investments and mortgage services to take a holistic look at your fiscal health.

Opes Advisors passionately believes that you need a comprehensive view of your financial life in order to make effective financial decisions. Our guiding vision is centered on helping you prepare for the day when you will need to live off your investments, rather than your working income.

Opes Advisors has specific expertise available to help you manage your money, select and secure the mortgage that works for you, and make important financial decisions. Our team of experts includes a Chartered Financial Analyst®, Wealth and Financial Advisors, Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, Real Estate Investment Advisors and Mortgage Advisors. This team collaborates on your behalf to create a complete view of your financial life. An Advisor who leads the team on your behalf will guide and advise you, so that when you need to act, you will make informed choices for your financial health today and your financial happiness in the future.

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