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Our Story

We've built a company focused on helping you make life's important decisions, so you can move forward confidently.

How Opes Advisors Started

Opes Advisors was founded by Jonathan Lee, Susan McHan, and Mark Duvall to help people make smart, informed decisions and achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.


Although they were on different career paths, all three of our founders discovered a huge fundamental hole in the marketplace: No financial services firm was equipped to offer advice on real estate or real estate financing while managing all the investments in a portfolio. There simply were no firms advising people about their entire financial life.


Based on each of their unique backgrounds and perspectives, our founders were able to create an innovative new advisory service, one based on trust and on the surprisingly groundbreaking notion that you need to consider your total financial picture whenever you make a major financial decision. They built Opes Advisors on the promise that a holistic view of your entire financial life will bring smarter planning and a happier, more secure life, from wherever you are today, both to and into your retirement.


Our newest chapter, becoming a division of Flagstar Bank, emerged from a discovery of a shared vision in the future of mortgage lending and the vital role of crafting solutions to help people make important financial decisions. With the added strength of one of the largest U.S. savings banks, Opes Advisors will continue to innovate and expand its reach, while offering the service and experience of a local lender. Discover more at

Our Vision

At Opes Advisors we help clients make effective financial decisions to support their current lifestyle and prepare for a satisfying retirement including addressing the new challenge of longevity.

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Our Core Values


  • Take Individual Responsibility – Be Accountable and Reliable.
  • Build Mutually Satisfying Relationships.
  • Acknowledge and Appreciate Peoples’ Contributions.
  • Continuous Learning and Improving to Increase Value and Capability.

These are the pillars of our culture. We work these everyday because we believe it increases our individual and combined value – for the sake of our families, our clients, and our colleagues.

Our Achievements