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First Time Homebuyers’ Tips for a Lower Stress Home Search and Purchase

Opes Advisors - First Time Home Buyer Tips


It’s not uncommon for first time homebuyers to say that the process was stressful for them. The reasons are often that they simply didn’t know what they didn’t know, and learning it along the way was stressful.


To relieve a lot of that “what you don’t know” stress, here are some tips from a home inspector’s perspective.


#1 Older homes with charm also can be expensive early on – While that 20-year-old Tudor charmer is precisely what you’ve been searching for, know that there are appliances and systems in a home of that age that, if not recently replaced, are likely at the end of their life-cycle.


#2 Start from the top down – Pay attention to the roofline of a home. When they’re built, the roofline and the floor plan are in sync. Poorly planned room additions along the way can create strange rooflines, and this often means dysfunctional floorplans.


#3 High-tech can mean higher cost long-term – Simple homes have simple maintenance needs over time. Complicated home security systems, high tech appliances, and comfort systems may increase the costs of long-term ownership.


#4 Construction styles carry cost considerations – Often construction types like Tudor, cape cod, ranch and others are in an area because they were popular in certain time periods. This goes back to age issues, so know that you should pay attention to not just “we love Tudors,” but also how old homes of that style are.


#5 Know the area’s home history – Taking a little time to look into the history of home construction in the area can help you to make a better purchase decision. The period when built often tells you about the quality of materials. Those Tudors built when the area was exclusively inhabited by the wealthy should mean that the materials used in construction were the best and long-lasting.


#6 Get real before you read the inspection report – There is no “perfect home” when it comes to an inspection report. There will always be minor things, and maybe some not so minor issues noted in the report. This simply gives you as the buyer an opportunity to enter into a new negotiation with the seller to fix things or compensate you for doing so.


Cut your first-time house shopping and transaction stress with these simple tips, and enjoy the process.


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Home inspector’s insight from the Dylan Chalk blog.

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