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Home Goals are Good Things

rob chrisman - weekly commentary - opes advisors


For many consumers, early in the year is a time to set new financial goals. Like buying a new home. Our Mortgage Advisors remind home-seekers who want the best terms and rates on a mortgage that they shouldn’t wait until peak real-estate season – usually summer – to take control of their credit.


We remind our clients that building credit doesn’t happen overnight. They should check their credit long before applying for a mortgage, ideally at least three months beforehand, to avoid any surprises down the road. That way, if their credit needs a boost, their Mortgage Advisor still has time to help the client improve things.


Here are a few steps Mortgage Advisors advise doing to help our clients afford their dream home. Set a budget. Put money away for closing costs, a down payment and any unexpected home-buying expenses. Keep in mind that putting down a higher down payment will usually result in a better interest rate. Become pre-approved: Knowing how big of a loan you are eligible to receive before house-hunting can help set realistic parameters for your search, so you can find a home in your budget.


We help our clients become “credit-smart.” Understanding credit basics is the key to building good credit. There are a lot of trustworthy credit resources online, including a large library available at And if you froze your credit in 2017 due to the Equifax debacle, you will need to lift your credit freeze before applying for a mortgage. Keep in mind that each of the three bureaus needs to be contacted separately, and TransUnion customers can visit to get started.


Opes Advisors reminds clients that the credit is only one part of the mortgage process, and Opes Advisors’ trained staff is ideally situated to help borrowers through the entire procedure.


Information is accurate on the date of publication. Please check with a Mortgage Advisor and consult with your tax advisor for current information related to your specific situation.

Programs only for qualified borrowers. All borrowers subject to credit approval and underwriting terms and conditions. Programs subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply.

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