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Economic Update - Opes Advisors


Interest rates will rise and home prices are expected to appreciate in 2018.


The Federal Reserve raised rates in December, citing these positive economic trends:


  • Inflation has been low, at around 2% and isn’t expected to see much change in 2018. This is good news for new construction home prices.
  • The economy and the stock markets are doing well, with the passage of tax reform expected to spur more growth.
  • The Fed reports that they expect the unemployment rate to drop even more from its already 15-year low.


With mortgage rates about to start a slow rise, braving the January and February cold could save you thousands, as off-peak buyers typically enjoy lower prices. In a two-year Nerdwallet analysis, “…home sale prices — the amount a buyer actually pays — in the nation’s largest metro areas typically peak during the summer, dip in the fall and are lowest in winter, potentially saving off-peak buyers thousands of dollars.”



The prospect of more and better-paying jobs, low inflation and historically low mortgage rates should make 2018 a great year to buy a home. With more mortgage products available with low or no down payments, if you want to buy a home, don’t consider a shortage of down payment funds a barrier.


Get down payment information and see if you can pre-qualify for a mortgage to get ready to take advantage of a great year for homebuyers.


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