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Can Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) be used in Mortgage Applications?

Buying a house is one of the most difficult and complex financial decisions most people ever face. Opes Advisors looks at peoples’ lives from a holistic standpoint – and RSUs in publicly traded companies are material to an individual’s financial life. Having looked at everything, we give clients the information they need to make a confident mortgage decision that harmoniously fits with both current lifestyle and future financial goals.


Opes Advisors is deeply experienced in the use of publicly-traded RSUs in determining mortgage solutions, yet the “R” in “RSU” stands for “restricted” and there are restrictions to their use in mortgage applications.

Use of publicly-traded RSUs comes with stringent guidelines that include:

  • A verifiable history of vested RSUs
  • Granted RSUs are not applicable
  • Minimum two years of vested shares
  • Written Verification Of Employment (WVOE) – our processors work directly with employers to obtain the WVOE
  • Vesting schedule that stretches a minimum of three years into the future
  • Stringent stability of income tests
  • Percentage of income that was RSU based v. salary, overtime, bonus etc.

To learn more about financing with Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), contact us today:

Opes Advisors takes pride in working with a host of tech clients and is an advocate for mortgage products that take into consideration publicly-traded RSUs. RSUs have become a standard point of annual compensation and Opes Advisors takes all materially significant financial items into account when looking at individual mortgage applications, including, but not limited to, publicly-traded RSUs, stability of income, secondary financing, financing of lease holds etc.

There are nearly as many different mortgage solutions as there are individuals applying for a mortgage and Opes Advisors works with clients to help them find a solution that best fits their lifestyle now and supports their future financial goals.


Opes Advisors can consider RSUs in publicly traded companies as one of many income qualifying requirements when evaluating clients’ mortgage applications. As a rule Opes Advisors does not accept RSUs in privately held companies but, as with all financial transactions, there may be exceptionally rare circumstances in which RSUs in privately held companies may be considered as part of an individual’s total financial picture and only on a prior approval basis.


Programs for qualified borrowers only. Subject to credit approval, underwriting approval, and lender terms and conditions. Some restrictions may apply.